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Your brand is not just a Logo

If you are just starting your business, it may be a tough job to get it noticed.

How do you deal with too many competitors? We work together with you to identify what defines your business.

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-Color Design
-Brand Identity
-Brand Strategy
-Brand Values
-Persona Development

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Infuse your brand essence into every client interaction to promote your business objectives.

We design your brand strategy by doing a previous study of the market. What are the mission, vision, and values of your business? and What are the features of your products? Your customer’s profile is key, we use a Buyer Persona to develop it.

The goal is to connect emotionally with your clients. We think of how your brand communicates with them using your voice, tone, and graphics.

Your logo must be simple, attractive, and memorable. It should work on different platforms and it needs scalability. But your logo is not your brand, it’s just part of your visual identity.

We iterate, adapt and change through time. That’s the way brands last for decades.

The Process

We provide specialists throughout the entire strategy and design process.

The ideation process begins the moment we connect with our clients. The project manager will guide the project team through the design and development process to ensure timely and high-quality completion.

Daily project status meetings are held, so you can ask for the status of the project whenever you feel necessary. Here is a quick chart of our branding design services:

1. Ideation > 2. User Persona > 3. Research > 4. Conceptualization > 5. Direction > 6. Guidelines

You can check the work we did for, a consulting group in Chile, that way you can see our step by step process.


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Basic plan


1 Brand Strategy Session
Basic Logo Design
Color Palette
Simple Typography
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2 Brand Strategy Sessions
Advanced Logo Design
Color Design
Typography & Hierarchy
Brand Values, Voice & Tone
Persona Development
Branding Guidelines
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Multiple Strategy Sessions
Professional plan items
Brand Architecture
Brand Management
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